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Funding account using


If you have trouble connecting your bank using Plaid or you need a higher limit, you can fund your account using This method has a limit of $2000.00 per day and $15,000.00 per month.

To connect your bank account using, complete the three-step wizard inside the card management section in the TALK web portal. To open the wizard, click the Add Funds Button  inside the card management section and then click the Link Account Button inside the Fund Using Checkbook section. You will then need to enter the account and routing numbers of the bank account that you want to connect to, as well as the type of account and a nickname to identify this account.



Once you add your bank account, will make two small deposits to your bank account to verify that you are the owner. These deposits may take up to two days to post. Once you can see the two amounts in your bank transactions click the Verify Account Button inside the Transfer Using section and enter the two amounts in the form provided.



Once you verify your account you may transfer funds to your TALK Funding Account. You will see the transfer option with an amount field. Simply enter the amount that you wish to transfer to your TALK Funding Account and click submit. Your transfer will be processed in 2 to 3 business days.


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