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Adding employees and ordering cards on behalf of a client


Adding new employees and ordering a card for them can be done in two simple steps:

1. Select the desired client that you want to add the employee for in the clients sidebar, then click the Card Management Tab if you are not already viewing it.


Make sure that you have selected the right client or the cards will be ordered under the wrong company. To ensure you are viewing the correct client look at the branding area at the top of the left navigation bar and make sure the company name under 'Logged in as' is the name of the company you want to order cards for.


2. Click the Add Card Button at the top-right of the page. A form will appear to add the employee's info. Fill in the form and click the Submit Button. You should see a confirmation message upon a successful submission. An new employee will be added to the client's employee list and a card will be ordered. The card will take about 7 business days to arrive and it will be sent to the company address provided in the application form for that particular client. 

Note: If you would like a particular card sent to a different address than the one provided in the application form please contact support.


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