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Adding a client


Enrolling a client into the TALK Card program is a two-step process.

1. Add a client to the TALK system by filling in the New Client Form. To add a client, open the client sidebar by clicking on the address book icon on the top right side of the screen.


Fill in all of the fields in the form and click the Create button.

2. Once you have added the client to your firm, you'll be redirected to the card management section where you'll see a link to apply for the TALK Card program in behalf of your client.


Click the link and an application form will be opened in a different window. Fill in the application, making sure you enter the same email address that you used to create the client in TALK.


Once you complete the application you may close this window. You'll be notified once the application has been approved. To go back to view your documents or view a different client, open the client sidebar and click on a client or select Return To My Account.





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