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Admin notifications settings


You may select to notify administrators when a certain card is used either every time or only under certain conditions. The admin notifications settings are located under Notifications in the card view.

If the Notify me when this card is used setting is on, every administrator will receive a notification when that particular card is used, but only under the parameters given. When this switch is on, the Always switch is displayed. When the always switch is on, administrators will receive notifications for every transaction made with that card. If the Always switch is turned off the Only when amount is settings will be displayed. The first box in this setting is to select the type of condition, either Grater Than, Less Than or Equal To. The second box is to enter the desired amount. For example, if Equal To $50.00 is selected, only transactions which amount equals $50.00 with that particular card will trigger a notification to the administrators. After making all the desired changes click the Save Button.



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