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Connecting to QuickBooks Online


To connect to QuickBooks Online start by clicking on the QBO Integration tab in the navigation menu. Then just follow the three steps in the wizard.

1. Connect to QuickBooks by clicking the Connect to QuickBooks button.



A window will pop-up an ask you to enter your QuickBooks credentials. Enter the email or user ID and password that you use to sign in to QuickBooks.


If you have multiple companies, select the one that corresponds to the company you are currently signed-in in TALK.


If you have an accountant's QBO account you need to select your company/firm first.


After selecting your company/firm you will see a list of clients that belong to that firm. Select the client that corresponds to the one you are trying to connect to TALK and click the Confirm button.

Note: Your own company/firm will not be listed under clients. To connect your own company click on Add app to firm.



After selecting your company, click the Connect button and wait a few seconds for the success message to display. Click the Close button to close the pop-up window and then click the Next button in the wizard to go to step 2.


Tip: You can abandon the wizard at any time and you won't lose your progress.


2. Create a Funding Account in QuickBooks. 


In this step, by clicking the Next button, TALK will create an account in QuickBooks named TALK Funding Account. This account does not correspond to one of the company's bank accounts, but it represents the account where the money is wired to make it available to all of the TALK Mastercards.

Talk will also create a bank account for each of the TALK Mastercards funded by this account. Each of the cards will be named TALK Mastercard + last four digits in card. Each of these accounts will be set up as a sub-account of the Talk Funding Account. This way you can create a report for the TALK Funding Account, which will include all cards or you can create a report for an individual card.

Every time  a card is loaded, it will be entered in QuickBooks as a transfer between the TALK Funding Account and the card that's being loaded. Transfers between cards will be entered as transfers as well.

Important: Once the accounts are created they may be renamed and TALK will automatically sync the changes, however they can't be deleted and their account type can't be changed from "Bank" or TALK won't be able to sync successfully.


3. Select a Default Category


In this step you will select the category that you want TALK to use to code transactions when a category can't be determined or when mapping is not activated in QBO Integration Settings. Simply select a QuickBooks expense account from the dropdown or create a new expense account by typing the name in the box and clicking on + Add, as shown above. Once a category is selected, click the Next button to complete the wizard. 

At this point you will be shown the QBO Integration Settings page, where you can further customize your sync experience.






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