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Creating a New Category


To speed up the process of creating a new category and at the same time avoid creating categories that are never used, TALK only allows you to create a category while editing a transaction. This way you save time by creating a category at the same time that you assign it to a transaction. To assign a new category to a transaction follow these steps:

1. In The Transactions Tab locate the transaction to which you want to assign the new category.

2. Click on the category field in that row to activate the dropdown.

3. Press the delete key to clear the box.

4. Type the name of the category in the input box.

5. Add it as a new category by selecting '+ Add [YOUR CATEGORY NAME]...' from the dropdown.


  • To avoid duplicates, you will only be prompted to add a category if it's not already on your Chart of Accounts.
  • Clicking outside the input box before clicking 'Add' will cause the category to remain unchanged.


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