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The Search Bar


There are two ways in which you can filter the transactions displayed in The Transactions Tab. The first method is using the quick search bar located on the top-left of the transactions table. As soon as you start typing, TALK will filter the transactions by finding the text in any of the fields. You can search for Amount, Date, Category, Account, Vendor/Customer and Purpose.


1) You can enter part of a word or more than one word, however TALK won't search for each word individually but for the whole text.

2) This search is not case sensitive.

3) When entering an amount, enter the amount with cents (i.e. 5.00).

4) When entering a date, use format m/d/yyyy (i.e. 1/2/2018).

5) Hitting the return/enter key while the search bar is on focus or clicking on the X in the search bar will delete the text and will display all current year transactions.

6) The Money In/Money Out boxes will display the totals for the filtered transactions.


If you would like to filter your results by multiple fields use the Advance Search Controls.

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