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The Dashboard


The Dashboard is the first screen displayed when a user signs-in. It displays an overview of the financial activity of the accounts linked to TALK.

The top graph shows the current balance for the Main Account as well as the balance recorded on the last of the month for the past 12 months. Hovering the mouse over the graph will display the exact balance amount on a particular month.

Below the Balance Graph the Money In and Money Out graphs are displayed. They show the financial activity for the current month broken in categories from greater to lesser amount of cash flow. These graphs display up to 5 categories. If the transactions for the current month are across more than 5 categories, the categories with the least percentage of the cash flow are combined into the 'Other' category. Hovering over each slice of the graph will highlight its corresponding legend on the right side of the graph. Clicking on a slice will direct the user to the 'Transactions' screen filtered by the selected category and by the current month.


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